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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sometimes when i missing You...~

What will i do when i miss u..???
~looking at ur picture..
~singging our song..
~thinking Of YOU..
~Sometimes i cry a lot..huhu
~Talking about u with someone else..
~Looking at ur msg that i save..hehe
~Playing guitar so i can remember u more..
~writing a diary about u...
~Listening to our song..
~watching our fav movie..

What i want to do when u next to me??
~hurmm..i wanna hold ur hand..
~i wanna hug u so u can feel how i feel..
~ i wanna kiss ur face..
~i wanna kiss ur head..
~i wanna kiss ur shoulder..
~i wanna lying next to u...
~i wanna scream to u how much i miss u and how damn i love u..
~i will never let u go..
~i want u to kiss me..
~i want u to hug me...

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